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Careers & Opportunities

Join Improvement Interactive where people and family come first. Work with the latest technology and best tools. Gain access to the latest training resources. Enjoy extensive benefits.


Work from home

Be with your family, children and pets


Flexible work hours

And flexible paid time-off schedule


Work with Latest technologies

Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Javascript, Node.js, Microservices

Choose your career path

Select a technical, creative or managerial path for your career. Let the Improvement Interactive mentoring program help you achieve success more effectively. Flexible work hours, half-day Fridays and the ability to work virtually will further enhance your work experience.

Work from home

  • Be with your children and family
  • Arrange breaks to align with family needs
  • Eliminate the need for a childcare provider
  • Give hands on help with homework
  • Take care of a sick child
  • Play with pets

Flexible work hours

  • Take your children to and from school
  • Attend your child's conferences
  • Attend other important appointments
  • Half-day Fridays

Flexible paid time off

  • Earn 5 weeks (minus a day) of PTO each year
  • No mandatory holidays
  • Select the days you want to take off
  • Take up to 9 days of PTO without approval
  • Save up PTO or take it as additional compensation

Work from anywhere

  • Out of town
  • Friend's or family member's house
  • Coffee shop
  • Need to move? Your job moves with you
  • Cloud / Large web applications
  • Mobile
  • Big Data/ NoSQL
  • HTML5
  • Server-side JavaScript / node.js
  • Continuous Software Development
  • Everyone is assigned a mentor
  • Your manager is not your mentor
  • Mentors are there to help you / provide guidance
  • Conversations with mentors are privileged
  • Mentors don't rate you
  • You do rate your mentor
  • Full access to and
  • Specialized Infrature Training
  • Mentors are there to help you / provide guidance
  • Infrature fluency courses
  • Frank on architecture classes
  • WebStorm / Eclipse / MSDN / Visual Studio
  • SQL Server / DbVisualizer / MongoVue / Mongolab
  • git / github / Dropbox / Azure / Yammer / Asana
  • Cycligent Git Tool
  • And many more...
  • Available Positions

    Improvement Interactive is currently recruiting for the following positions. We look for good people who are willing to learn. We provide mentoring and access to extensive training resources. We love technology but we also think people come first. If you think the same, join us


    No Current Vacancies