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About Us

The core Improvement Interactive team has worked together for 25 years. We have a proven track record of delivering enterprise software solutions to our customers.

In 1993, Frank A. Garcia formed a new company with a management team that remains together today. The team is loyal, dedicated and accomplished. Most importantly, we care first and foremost about people, our customers, our employees and communities. We care about doing things right; and we do.


Business improvement via custom enterprise software.

Value Statement

Improve your business via custom enterprise software while having a positive experience.


To be happy creating enterprise applications that produce business improvements while providing customers with a great experience.

Executive Team

The Improvement Interactive team is greater than the sum of its parts. The team is loyal and dedicated. The team is accomplished. Most importantly, this team cares. It cares first and foremost about people, our customers and our employees. It cares about our communities and it does something about it. It cares about doing "things" right; and it does.

Founder and CEO

In 1993, Frank created Improvement Interactive with a vision to create innovative software and assembled a management team that remains together today. Focused on creating enterprise applications that produce business improvements while providing customers with a great experience has been Improvement Interactive’s mission since the beginning. Growing into Arizona’s 17th fastest growing technology company, Frank has grown Improvement Interactive by being committed to creating innovation, delivering sustainable dependable products, and creating good relationships that endure.


Working with Improvement Interactive since its inception, Sharon has grown into the Presidential role with oversight over Global operations, strategic planning and process improvement. While providing oversight of all internal operations including finance and administration, her customer facing interactions with contract management and proposal strategy has been integral to Improvement Interactive’s growth. Overseeing all aspects of the business, Sharon’s shared vision in creating long lasting partnerships, both internally and externally, keeps Improvement Interactive a cohesive operating unit.

Vice President of Software Architecture

As an original member of the Improvement Interactive team, Rene has been instrumental in leading development teams in orchestrating software development builds and upgrades to create business improvements in our client initiatives. A University of Arizona graduate, Rene in specializes building and leading teams in web-based software architectures using Java and SQL. Rene is also passionately active in Improvement Interactive’s mentoring program, assisting junior architects reach their goals in a sustainable manner when joining the Improvement Interactive family.


We believe in supporting our communities. To that end, we directly support a number of charities.

Angel Charity
Improvement Interactive has provided Angel Charity with IT services. These services have supported Angel Charity in raising over $2 million over three years.
Tucson Soccer Academy
The Tucson Soccer Academy (TSA) provides for the development of youth ages 4 to 19 through organized youth soccer activities.